13 Healthy Snack Ideas for your Toddler

toddler snacks

Finding convenient, tasty AND healthy toddler snacks is no easy feat.

Before kids, I had an idealistic vision in my mind that I would always have healthy snack options around and my toddler would beg for fruits and vegetables!  Ha, o man I can only laugh at myself now for being so naive!!

Alright, alright, I’m being hard on myself – we do OKAY with snacks.  I mean, it could be worse…

However, I still find it a bit of a challenge to keep these simple, nutrition solutions on-hand AND easy to think of on the spot with a hangry toddler.

That’s why I created a simple list of my top 9 healthy toddler snacks so you can be prepared at all times!

Dietitian-Approved healthy snacks for a busy toddler 

Use these ideas as a thought starter, and then mix & match as it works for you!

1. Cheese stick + slices grapes

healthy toddler snacks

2. Fig bar + ¼ cup yogurt

healthy toddler snacks

3. Apple slices + nut butter

4. Sliced turkey + cheese crackers

5. Sliced hard-boiled egg + avocado slices

healthy toddler snacks

6. Low sugar cereal or puffs + milk

healthy toddler snacks

7. Banana + veggie pouch

healthy toddler snacks

There’s More…

8. Sliced vegetables + guacamole or hummus

9. Fruit + veggie smoothie (check out our favorite easy recipes)

10. Peanut butter & banana whole grain tortilla roll-up

11. Frozen corn & peas + ¼ cup cottage cheese

12. Whole grain graham crackers + ½ cup milk

13. Veggie straws + sliced strawberry


So there you have it – my go-to list of healthy toddler snacks.  

Pick a few go-to’s to always have on your weekly grocery list, and mix as match to make it fun!

What other ideas or solutions do you have?!  Share in the comments below!

Healthy Toddler Snacks


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