5 Ways To Increase Your Milk Supply

Hey Mama, looking to increase your milk supply? You’re in good hands!!

how to increase milk supply

You’re working hard to keep up with the demand of your little one’s increasing appetite, and wondering “will I be able to produce enough milk for this kid?”

As baby grows, he/she will require more & more milk – peaking around 9-12 months when solids foods begin to become the primary nutrition focus. The good news is that there are a few techniques you can follow to support a healthy milk supply!

Stay Hydrated

Breastmilk is primarily water, so it only makes sense to ensure adequate hydration! I know firsthand, how much my milk supply was influenced by my water intake. Drink up, Mama, and increase your milk supply!hydration to increase milk supply

Eat Enough Calories

Making precious breastmilk is hard work, and requires extra calories to do so. On average, breastfeeding burns between 400-500 extra calories a day, so make sure you’re fueling your body properly! I’ve seen many new moms dramatically cut calories in hopes to lose the baby weight, or just forget to eat in the chaos of raising a newborn.   I can’t emphasize enough how important eating enough calories can be for your milk supply!

calories to increase milk supply

In addition to eating enough calories, maintaining a well-balanced diet with adequate nutrients will help optimize your health!  Grab my FREE Nourished Mom’s Guide for a staple grocery list, meal prep tips + recipes!

healthy mom nutrition

Rest & Manage Stress

Your body knows when it is sleep deprived or under stress, and it will do whatever it needs to protect itself – even at the expense of decreasing your milk supply. I know it can be challenging balancing a sleep regression or transition back to work – but do whatever you have to to make time for yourself (nap, massage, babysitter etc.) ). Your body and baby will thank you!

reduce stress to increase milk supply

Frequently empty your breasts

Supply is all about supply and demand. The more baby drinks, or the more you pump, your body will adapt. Breastfeed or pump every 3-4 hours (and make sure you fully empty your breasts), and you body will adjust in no time!
frequent feeding to increase milk supply

Eat Superfoods


Think oatmeal, oat-based cereals or granola bars. Check out this awesome recipe for Oat Balls, perfect for a late night nursing session treat 🙂 

Nuts & Seeds

Make a simple trail mix that you can always have on hand! The calories and powerful nutrition will help keep your milk supply up!


Healthy fats and a good source of vitamins & minerals, and besides that, avocados are straight up delicious! 


Fennel is a plant from the carrot family that you can find at most grocery stores and incorporate into a recipe.


You can find Fenugreek at a natural foods store and incorporate into a recipe, or try a capsule or tea form. A popular drop is Let There Be Milk” which can be found on Amazon!


An herbal supplement with clinical support, and often recommended by hospitals, to help mothers produce more milk.

Brewers Yeast

Incorporate Brewers yeast into your next baking adventure. Works well in cookies or breads.

Yogi Nursing Support Tea

Wind down with a delicious tea that helps supports a nursing mom.

So there you have it, a few simple tips to help ensure your milk supply is at it’s best!

Most importantly, don’t be discouraged. Breastfeeding and maintaining a milk supply is no simple task, and every body is different.  I truthfully had the opposite problem, I had an insane supply.  So much so that I was having to pump in the middle of the night to relieve pressure/pain even when my baby starting sleeping through the night. Experiencing my fair share of clogged ducts and mastitis also had me questioning how long I’d be able to continue breastfeeding…  I tell you this because every person and situation is different, each with their own set of challenges.

Just remember, that whatever method of feeding your baby you choose, good for you Mama!

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