A New Mom’s Diaper Bag Essentials

Packing a diaper bag is a skill!

Between all baby items, there’s also key essentials for mom to remember when packing a diaper bag!

I’ve learned the hard way a few times what not being prepared feels like, and I’m on a mission to not let you be the hungry mom with a blow out and no extra clothes 🙂

Plus, I’ve learned which diaper bags are functional and which ones are just for show (hint: you don’t need to spend an entire paycheck on a fancy diaper bag).


Diaper Bags

As I went through a few different diaper bags early on, I learned the must-haves. A backpack is my bag of choice – it’s much easier to carry around vs. slouchy shoulder straps or bulky handles.

Another key aspect took look for is a built in changing pad and an obvious place for wipes & diaper storage. I want to be able to locate the essential changing items in one spot and not have to sift though the entire bag!

Look for a bag with a dedicated place for bottles/liquids. Some are insulated, which is a plus, but not a must-have for me.

Another must is a bag that can be easily wiped down or washed – you’d be surprised how dirty they get!

Lastly, I wanted a bag with straps that can attach to a stroller or luggage. It’s nice to have the options of carrying it on your bag or attached to a stroller.



For Baby

There are so many essentials for baby. It’s important to check through this list before you leave the house, so you’re not stuck in an unfortunate situation. Yes, even if you’re leaving the house for 20 minutes –> that seems to be the time you find yourself in need of the essentials!



For Mom


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