13 Healthy Snack Ideas for your Toddler

healthy toddler snacks

Posted in: For Baby, Toddler Nutrition

Finding convenient, tasty AND healthy toddler snacks is no easy feat. Before kids, I had an idealistic vision in my mind that I would always have healthy snack options around and my toddler would beg for fruits and vegetables!  Ha, o man I can only laugh at myself now for being so naive!! Alright, alright, […]

1 Month Old

1 month old schedule

Posted in: For Baby, Month-By-Month

Your 1 Month Old Baby! You’re one month into this motherhood gig, and oh boy wouldn’t a little routine be nice!? Let’s be honest though, there’s no REAL schedule with a 1 month old baby.  However, finding even a little dose of routine early on can help baby feel safe and happy.  And more importantly, […]

How To Get Your Toddler To Eat Vegetables

Get your toddler to eat vegetables

Posted in: For Baby, Toddler Nutrition

Getting your toddler to eat vegetables can be one of the toughest jobs yet! Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, chances are your toddler is or will go through a phase (maybe even a looonnngggg phase) of refusing to eat any veggies!  I’m living this phase as I write this, and man does it […]

How and When To Wean Baby From A Bottle

how to wean from the bottle

Posted in: For Baby, Starting Solids

Learning how and when to wean baby from a bottle can be more complicated than you think. We struggled figuring this out with our first born, and I often still wonder if she is consuming enough nutrients from her food since her milk intake has dramatically dropped now that we’ve officially weaned the bottle. One […]




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