Alcohol and Breastfeeding – What You NEED To Know

alcohol and breastfeeding

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There is so much conflicting advice and tips around alcohol and breastfeeding.  Even as a dietitian and breastfeeding mom, I was unsure what to REALLY believe.  Then I dove into the research… Interestingly, the recommendation from key health authorities vary slightly, but the overall message is the same. Alcohol will pass into breastmilk and should […]

Caffeine and Breastfeeding – What You Need To Know

caffeine and breastfeeding

Posted in: Breastfeeding

Ever wonder if caffeine and breastfeeding mix? This is a question many new moms ask, and one I had myself! Let’s dive into some of the most commonly asked questions! How much caffeine can I drink in a day? Caffeine passes from mother’s breastmilk to baby, but usually does not negatively impact the baby if […]

5 Nutrients You Need for Postpartum Recovery

postpartum mom food

Posted in: Breastfeeding, Mom Life

Postpartum recovery is a must for new moms!  Pregnancy, followed by labor & delivery can take a toll on our bodies. Those first few weeks after delivery are a critical time period for proper recovery. Nutrition plays an important role in the healing process.  A diet rich in lean protein, whole grains + plenty of […]

10 Ways To Combat Morning Sickness

foods for morning sickness

Posted in: Pregnancy

If you’re struggling with morning sickness, I’m glad you’re here. Pregnancy is a whirlwind in and of itself, and to struggle with nausea and morning sickness is an entire new level of TOUGH! Whether you’ve lost your appetite, have strong aversions to certain foods (like meat or vegetables), or are having trouble keeping food down, […]

How Endocrine Disruptors Affect Reproduction

endocrine disruptors and fertility

Posted in: Lifestyle, Pregnancy

Endocrine Disruptors are natural and/or man-made chemicals that can interfere with the body’s hormone & cell signaling system (aka: the endocrine system).  Endocrine disruptors adversely affect reproductive health by mimicking or blocking the effects of male and female sex hormones.   Known endocrine disruptors include chemicals such as: dioxins, BPA, arsenic, parabens, phthalates, mercury, PCBs […]

What’s making your breastfed baby gassy?

gas and breastmilk

Posted in: Breastfeeding

I have a fussy, gassy, colicky baby boy right now…  He’s had a sensitive GI tract since day 1, so I’ve been telling myself he’ll outgrow it (which he likely will), but in the meantime it makes for a difficult first few months for both mom and baby 🙁 After digging into the research, chatting […]

Postpartum Essentials for A Quick Recovery

postpartum recovery

Posted in: Breastfeeding, Favorite Products, Lifestyle, Mom Life

Those first few weeks postpartum are often a blur.  Whether it’s your first baby or not, the minute you step out of the hospital, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, excited, and terrified all at the same time! Not only are you learning the ropes of a being new mom, you’re also managing intense changes to […]

What to pack in your hospital bag

what to pack in your hospital bag

Posted in: Lifestyle, Mom Life

I’m writing this post after I just packed my very own hospital bag and prepare for the arrival of our baby boy!  As a second time mom, I’m surprised how quickly I forgot all the little things I said I wouldn’t forget the next time around (well I forgot!!). Luckily, I tapped into my mom […]

What You Need To Know About Weight Gain During Pregnancy

healthy pregnancy

Posted in: Pregnancy

The pregnancy weight topic is not an easy one, but it’s an important one. From my experience with two pregnancies, there seems to be a shift from “fear of weight gain” to “embrace it all, don’t worry about it, and enjoy eating for two!”  While I am certainly a fan of embracing your body’s changes, […]

Protein-Packed Pregnancy Smoothies

protein in pregnancy

Posted in: Pregnancy, Recipes

Protein is one of those macronutrients you’re always hearing about, and pregnancy is one of those times you might actually need more protein… If you’re a busy, high achiever mama or soon-to-be mama, you’re all about health + convenience! That’s where these simply nutritious, protein-packed smoothies come in handy! During pregnancy, you need more protein […]




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