9 Ways To Eat Healthy During The Holidays

It’s that time of year again!!  Cozy sweaters, peppermint lattes, Christmas lights, and endless amount of cookies!  The holidays are a magical time of year, and I hope you’re planning some relaxing downtime, precious time with your family, or maybe even a little getaway.

eat healthy during the holidays

Whatever your holiday season looks like, it’s often a challenge to balance a healthy lifestyle.  Excess food, missed workouts, no self-care, the list goes on.  And let’s be honest – the holidays sometimes leave us more exhausted than beforehand!


The fact that you’re reading this right now is a sign you care about your health and well-being!  You know the impact of nutrition on your energy, mood, happiness, and of course, your weight.  Because when we are nourished from the inside, we look good and we feel good.  That, my friend is the secret sauce to staying healthy during the holidays.  Finding your WHY and reminding yourself of it when life get’s a little hectic!

Living a healthy, fulfilling and #momboss life is not an easy task, and it can get even more challenging during the holidays.  5 years ago you would have found me secretly dreading the holidays because I knew I’d be that girl going back for thirds, drinking loads of sugar in alcohol, and sneaking in yet another cookies.

I’d leave a holiday party feeling bloated, stuffed and uncomfortable, only to wake up the next morning puffy, lazy and unmotivated.

I no longer am or want to be that person, nor set that stage for my kids.  Luckily, I’ve learned a few strategies and techniques over the years to help manage my health (and my weight) during the holidays!!

Are you ready to eat healthy during the holidays?

Grab your FREE workbook now & follow along as your read the tips below! 

eat healthy during the holidays workbook

1. Eat as close to usual times as possible.

While it can be an easy time of year to hit snooze, skip the morning workout, and start your day off with cinnamon rolls.  One of the best things you can do for your health is stick to as much of your normal healthy routine as possible.  Sure, sleep in a bit and spice up the workout, but don’t skip the healthy habits you’ve already created.

eat healthy during holidays plan

2. Don’t skip meals!

You may think saving your appetite for that big holiday dinner makes sense, but reality is… if you walk into a room full of food ravenous, you’re likely to derail and overdo it.  Eat a balanced, nutrient-dense meal during the day, and load up on a high-protein and fiber snack before hitting the party!

3. Plan ahead.

Planning ahead goes hand in hand with not skipping meals.  Take a look at your day/week and what is to come.  If you know you’ll have a drink and treat at an upcoming dinner, focus on getting in fruits and veggies earlier in the day.  Crazy busy weekend ahead? Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and get in a quick workout.  Having a plan versus “flying by the seat of your pants” is a surefire way to help you eat healthy during the holidays!

plan ahead to eat healthy

4. Focus on the #TerrificThree.

Think Protein, Veggies & Complex Carbs when building your plate.  I like to call them the terrific three because it’s three food groups that deliver a powerful combination of nutrients to help fill you up and keep you satisfied.

5. Stop eating when you are 80% full.

Did you know it takes ~20 minutes for your body to register just how full it really is?  Practice the rule of stopping when you think you’re 80% full, and wait at least 20 minutes before going back for another plate.  Less is often more in this case 🙂

6. Set an example.

With each holiday, event, or party you have an opportunity to set a good example by bringing a healthy dish.  Veggies trays, fruit platters, and whole grain dishes work great!

7. Use hacks to cut calories

Have a few go-to hacks that can help you cut excess calories.  Add a few ounces of sparkling water to your wine, find someone to “taste test” the dessert with you, load up on a veggies first, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Would love to know what other hacks you have to share, leave a comment below! 

hacks to cut calories during the holidays

8. Start a healthy holiday tradition!

Holiday traditions are so fun, and this year I encourage you to think about what NEW traditions you can incorporate into your growing family.  Maybe it’s a new way to get up and move (Reindeer Run anyone?). Maybe it’s a red and green “veggie shot” first thing in the morning!  Maybe you all laugh together as you attempt a family workout in the basement together 🙂  Would love to hear what you’re planning, so leave a comment below!!

9. Forgive yourself.

If you slip up, get right back to healthy eating with your next meal.  Don’t wait until the “New Year.”  Acknowledge you’re not perfect and move on.  This in one of the most important tactics you’ll ever learn!!

Alright my friends, there you have it.  9 easy tips to eat healthy during the holidays!

eat healthy during the holidays

Make sure you grab your FREE workbook, print it off, and keep it somewhere visible!!


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