What To Meal Prep Before Baby Arrives

The nursery can wait, start meal prepping now!

If you’re an expecting mama, you might be busy checking off all the baby essentials. But if there’s one thing you do for yourself before baby, it’s MEAL PREP!

Those early months with a baby are challenging enough, so setting yourself up with easy, nutritious foods will make a world of difference!

pregnancy meal prep

My favorite easy foods to prep before baby:

1. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

Did you know you can freeze PB&Js?! I wish I learned this hack before my babies were born. Never make just one, make a bunch & store in your freezer. When you’re ready for a quick meal or snack, pull one out and either let thaw for an hour, or microwave & enjoy ASAP!

meal prep before baby


2. Ready-Made Crockpot Dinners

A warm meal that requires little prep is heaven once that baby arrives! Stock your freezer with 5-10 pre-made crockpot meals that can be thrown in the crockpot for the day! Here are some of my favorite recipes & resources:

postpartum meal prep

3. Frozen Fruits & Veggies (+meals)

I’m all about frozen food, including frozen meals.  In fact, research suggests that frozen fruits & veggies are just as nutritious as fresh (learn more)!!  Keep a stock of frozen fruits & veggies on hand for easy meal time sides, to toss in a smoothie, or microwave in a pinch.

I also keep a freezer stash of pre-made meals (how come we dont call these TV dinner anymore?! – genuinely curious!).  I keep frozen meals that I can microwave for lunch, or toss in the oven quick for dinner.  Sometimes it is as simple as a pre-made lasagna that needs to be cooked, or a pasta dish that just needs to be heated on the stove.  Organic chicken tenders, sweet potatoes fries & frozen broccoli are easy to toss together in the oven (sometimes even on one pan!)

healthy pregnancy meal prep


4. Muffins & Lactation Oat Bites

It’s hard to sit down for a meal & eat with a spoon & fork.  During my maternity leaves I noticed I was constantly searching for foods I could eat with one hand (check out this Instagram post for some tips).  I was also constantly hungry while I was breastfeeding, so having easy to grab foods & energy bites on hand was a lifesaver (shout out to my mother-in-law who made me a big batch of lactation cookies)!

  • High Fiber Muffins (bake & freeze :))
  • Lactation cookies
  • More snack ideas in this post on Healthy Pregnancy Snacks!.

healthy pregnancy meal prep


For more meal prep & planning tips, make sure to grab your FREE Nourished Moms Meal Guide & get cooking!

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There you have it, a simple, realistic and obtainable list of foods to prep before that baby arrives! You’ll thank yourself later!

Pregnancy meal prep


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