5 Nutrients You Need for Postpartum Recovery

postpartum nutrition

Postpartum recovery is a must for new moms!  Pregnancy, followed by labor & delivery can take a toll on our bodies. Those first few weeks after delivery are a critical time period for proper recovery.

Nutrition plays an important role in the healing process.  A diet rich in lean protein, whole grains + plenty of fruits & veggies can help ensure a healthy & speedy postpartum recovery.

And if you’re a breastfeeding new mom, your body will be working extra hard to create (& maintain) a healthy milk supply.

Postpartum recovery

  • CALORIES: To keep the body in an anabolic state (re-building tissue), you’ll need enough calories to support the healing process. If you are breastfeeding, I recommend aiming for 300-400 more calories more than your pre-pregnancy diet daily, with a balance between fat, carbs and protein.


  • PROTEIN: Protein helps rebuild tissue & blood lost during childbirth.  Protein also helps infection & balance body fluid.  As with during pregnancy, you’ll also need an extra 25 grams of protein for a total of around 75 grams per day.


  • IRON: Women often lose a lot of blood during childbirth, so it’s important to replenish red blood cells, which require iron. This is why your healthcare provider may recommend you continue your prenatal vitamin (containing iron) for a few weeks post-delivery.


  • VITAMIN C: Studies show that vitamin C can help speed the wound healing process.  It is also a highly effective antioxidant protecting cells from free radical damage.


  • FIBER: The thought of going to the bathroom post delivery can be intimidating. Eating enough fiber (+ fluids) can help alleviate constipation. Your doctor may also recommend stool softeners the first few days after childbirth.

I just listed a few essential nutrients to focus on during postpartum recovery, now let’s focus on WHAT FOODS deliver these healing nutrients.  In short, eat a well-balanced diet with enough calories, plenty of fruits & vegetables, and a variety of protein sources.  For meal planning & prep tips, make sure to crab my FREE Nourished Moms Guide.

postpartum recovery foods

Breastfeeding or not, eating the right foods after birth can help speed your postpartum recovery & give you the energy to be the best mom you can be.  Stay nourished Mamas!

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