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You're newly pregnancy and not sure where to start...  You want to eat healthy, but are experiencing nausea and heartburn.  You're exhausted but were told you can't drink any caffeine.  You've been avoiding your favorite foods and are experiencing headaches and constipation.  Your Google searches are confusing and you're not sure what's true...

Stay confused and tired no longer! The Pregnancy Nutrition Vault is for YOU! This virtual learning vault is packed with short + to-the-point educational videos and downloadable PDFs to help you gain confidence on how to navigate your most common pregnancy nutrition questions.  With over 2 hours of nutrition advice from a registered dietitian, this is the most value-packed nutrition information you'll find in one spot!  Do yourself and your baby a favor, and unlock the vault.

You deserve a healthy, energizing and happy pregnancy!   

Pregnancy Nutrition



step-by-step guide to starting solids



This 20 page e-book walks you through everything you need to know about introducing solids to your baby. You'll learn when to begin solid foods, choosing between baby-led weaning or a pureed approach, advancing and experimenting with foods, grocery lists, simple recipes & more! 

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