12 Things To Remember For My Next Baby

12 things to remember for my next baby

There’s so many things you learn during your first few months with a newborn.  And yet, there’s so much we forget the second time around.

So I decided to capture the things I really want to remember for my next baby.

I’m writing this blog post in mid-October of 2018, and am currently expecting our second baby.  The other night, Gavin and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and started reminiscing what life was like when our 1st was born.  We laughed and cried (well I cried) as the precious memories resurfaced.

There were so many “oh ya, remember the pacing in the middle of the night,” “remember we have to burp after they nurse,” remember that, remember this.”

It started to dawn on us that we had already forgotten a lot about what life was really like during those first few months!

We felt like we had a good refresher crash course, and truly both felt much more confident in our ability to parent (aka: survive) those first few months, we started to chat about the things we learned along the journey.  The things that only experience can teach you, but also something we didn’t want to forget or brush aside for the arrival of our next baby.

So I’m sharing my list with you!

  1. Just Relax
  2. Soak in every single second and be okay with being housebound, sleep deprived with dirty hair and no makeup
  3. It’s okay to leave baby with a caregiver (Thanks Grandmas!)
  4. Just get out and go
    1. They are easy and lighter to carry when they are newborns
    2. They sleep through anything
  5. Don’t worry about the laundry or dishes
  6. Schedule “me time” and “date nights”
  7. It’s okay to nurse in public (no biggy if you accidentally flash the entire restaurant :))
  8. Pumping and breastfeeding is a TON of work (but totally worth it!)
  9. Start sleep training earlier
  10. They grow faster than you’ll every realize, cherish every single second
  11. You can never have too many burp rags
  12. You’ll question yourself and worry A LOT – Don’t

baby girl

There you have it, a healthy list of things that I personally want to remember for when my second baby is born!

I challenge you to take a few minutes and jot down a few things you may want to remember for your next baby.

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