Best Places to Shop For Maternity Clothes

Hey there, Mama!  Clothes feeling a bit tight as that little peanut of yours continues to grow?  I’m all too familiar with that feeling, and pushed off maternity clothes as long as I could with my first baby, thinking I didn’t need to spend the time and money revamping my wardrobe.  Boy was I wrong…

affordable maternity fashion

Around the 16 week mark, I was so uncomfortable in my regular clothes and couldn’t make it work any longer. I luckily was given a bunch of hand me downs from a coworker, which was a godsend because it was then I realized how comfortable maternity clothes are and how much less complaining I was doing now that my clothes fit again!!

Shortly after, I got on the maternity clothes bandwagon, but still didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on clothes I’d be wearing for such a short time period.  SO I went on a mission to find cute, affordable maternity clothes!  

With my second pregnancy, not only did I “pop” and “start to show” much earlier, I also did not hesitate to jump on the maternity clothes bandwagon early on (seriously by week 7 I was in maternity clothes!).  It just made my life easier than trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans or deal with the hair tie I used to keep my jeans together.

I’d encourage any newly pregnant mom friends to invest early in maternity clothes because it makes such a difference in daily comfort!


Here are my top shops for Maternity Clothes:

Old Navy

  • This shop changed my life because they carry long in pant sizes! They also have tons of deals and decent prices.  Only downside is that shipping can take longer than most.



  • Gotta love good ol’ Target.  Whether I needed to grab something last minute in store, or search online, Target has a nice selection of maternity undergarments, sleepwear and a decent selection of tops.  Be aware that not all Target stores will carry a robust selection, so shopping is the way to go!


Amazon Maternity

  • Amazon seriously has everything don’t they? And I’m a one stop kinda shop gal, so I love Amazon’s maternity line. They even have Amazon wardrobe, which lets you try on clothes and return for free if they don’t work!



  • H&M has a nice variety of maternity clothes at decent prices.  Quality isn’t top notch, but for such a short period of time I say who cares!


Pink Blush Maternity

  • Cute & trendy clothes, and a discount offered when you sign up for their email list! They also have nursing clothes too for after baby arrives. Free shipping & returns, which is always a plus 🙂 



  • I can honestly say I haven’t purchased anything here but have heard great things about it from friends.  One downside if you have to immediately sign up for their website before even looking at what they have to offer.. Urgh.


Stitch Fix

  • Did you know Stitch Fix has a maternity line?!
  • Not sure what clothes to pair together for a cute maternity outfit? Let a personal stylist help you out and surprise you with some awesome items.  


Le Tote

  • Don’t want to own a bunch of maternity clothes you may never wear again?  You can “rent” from LeTote! Change up your style weekly and never fill you closet with clutter.  I did their breastfeeding subscription after my first baby and loved it! 


So there ya have it, look no further than the list above – and maybe even offer your friend or coworker a nice lunch in exchange for some pre-worn maternity clothes 🙂   It’s good for the environment too ya know!!


What are you favorite maternity stores?  Tell us your tips, Mama!

affordable maternity fashion

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