7 Months Old

Your little one is 7 months old! I know it sounds cliche but time sure does fly! Your baby is likely moving around, babbling & becoming full of personality. Here’s what you need to know about your 7 month old.

routine for 7 month old

Average Height & Weight:

  • Avg girl: 16.8 lbs, 26.5 inches
  • Avg boy: 18.3 lbs, 27.2 inches



  • Begins to sit by self or with little help
  • Gets up on all fours & rocks back & forth or starts to crawl
  • Uses whole hand to grasp, & starts to on works on pincer grasp
  • Babbles & starts to imitate sounds
  • Looks for something that has dropped



  • Strained or mashed fruits & vegetables, pureed meats, beans or legumes, infant cereal
  • Nurse/bottle 3-4x a day (24-32 ounces a day), begin to introduce Sippy cups of water or milk (Don’t send baby to bed with bottle)
  • Vit D & iron supplementation recommended
  • *To learn more on starting solids, be sure to check out my e-course, The Ultimate Guide To Starting Solids



  • 14-15 hours a day
    • 10-11 hours at night
    • 2 naps, totaling 3.5-4 hours


Activity Ideas:

  • Fill an empty tissue box with paper strips & let you baby pull them out (don’t let them put paper in mouth).
  • Let baby explore kitchen/household items like measuring spoons & cups!


Must Have Products:

  • Sound Machine

  • Baby food Tupperware


*Example Schedule

  • 6:30 AM – Wake, Nurse/Bottle (4-7 oz.)
  • 7:30 AM – Breakfast (e.g. Infant cereal)
  • Playtime
  • 9:30 AM – Nurse/4-7 oz. Bottle & Nap ~2 hours
  • 12 PM – Lunch (Food tub/pouch, &/or soft fruit pieces)
  • Activity (offer milk or water in cup)
  • 2 PM – Nap ~1.5 hour
  • 3 PM – Nurse/4-7 oz. milk
  • 6 PM – Dinner (Food tub/pouch, mashed cooked veggies)
  • 7 PM – Nurse/4-7 oz. Bottle & Bedtime routine


*Babies meet milestones at their own rate, and no babies’ schedules are the same. Consult with your pediatrician for questions.


routine for 7 month old


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