Caffeine and Breastfeeding – What You Need To Know

Ever wonder if caffeine and breastfeeding mix? This is a question many new moms ask, and one I had myself!

caffeine and breastfeeding

Let’s dive into some of the most commonly asked questions!

How much caffeine can I drink in a day?

  • Caffeine passes from mother’s breastmilk to baby, but usually does not negatively impact the baby if low to moderate amounts are consumed (<300 milligrams per day, which is about 2 to 3 cups of coffee).

What are side effects of excess caffeine in mom?

  • Too much caffeine may produce unpleasant effects in mom (adults), such as irritability, migraines, upset stomach, rapid heart rate and/or trouble sleeping.

What are the side effects of excess caffeine for baby?

  • Moms with very high intakes of caffeine (>10 cups/day) have reported irritability, poor sleep patterns, fussiness, and jitteriness in their baby.  Additionally, preterm and newborn infants metabolize caffeine more slowly.  Moms of these infants should consider consuming even less caffeine than the recommended allowance.

How do I know if my baby is affected by my caffeine intake?

  • Some babies are more sensitive to caffeine than others.  Therefore, if you notice side effects such as increased irritability or poor sleep patterns following caffeine consumption, consider reducing your intake.  You can also try waiting to consume coffee/caffeine until after nursing your baby (includes pumped milk).

Will caffeine impact my milk supply?

  • There’s no evidence that drinking coffee/consuming caffeine in moderate amounts increases or decreases the amount of breast milk your body produces.

What are common dietary sources of caffeine?

  • Coffee (95-165 mg per 8 oz).
  • Sodas (24-46 mg per 8 oz)
  • Energy drinks (27-164 mg per 8 oz)
  • Tea (25-48 mg per 8 oz)
  • Chocolate (10-60 mg)

caffeine and breastfeeding

The average estimates listed above are averages reference from It’s important to note that caffeine content will vary by product, brand, & strength of brew/bean.  Be sure to check the package or ask about total caffeine content.

I hope you now have more awareness of how caffeine and breastfeeding mix.  For more tips on healthy eating for new moms & mama’s-to-be, grab my FREE Nourished Moms Meal Planning Guide!

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