2 Months Old

Baby 2 month milestones

First off, you survived the first month of motherhood – cheers!!  While baby is still not ready for a standard routine and 12 hour nights, there’s a few things you can familiar yourself with your two month old!


Average Height & Weight:

  • Avg girl: 11.3 lbs, 22.5 inches
  • Avg boy: 12.3 lbs, 23 inches



  • Gaining more head control, raises head slightly when lying on stomach
  • Coos, moves arms and legs in response to communication
  • Starts to see complex patterns and shapes
  • Recognizes your face, and smiles at another smiling face
  • Moving hand and legs more frequently, less jerky movements



  • Nurse/bottle 5-7x a day (15-36 ounces a day)
  • Most baby’s eat every two to four hours



  • 16 hours per day
    • May sleep up to 6-7 hours at night
    • Remember, back is best


Activity Ideas:

  • Hang a toy or mobile above crib or play mat to admire
  • Lay baby on a variety of textured fabrics or blankets (e.g. sheep skin, silk, cotton etc.


*Must Have Products:

  • Baby Bouncer

  • Boppy Pillow

Example Schedule

  • 7 AM – Wake, Nurse/Bottle (3-6 oz.)
  • Playtime
  • Nap ~1hr
  • 9:30 AM – Nurse/3-6 oz. Bottle
  • Nap ~2 hours
  • Play
  • 12:30 PM Nurse/3-6 oz. Bottle
  • Nap ~1.5 hour
  • 4 PM – Nurse/3-6 oz. milk
  • Nap ~1 hour
  • 7 PM – Nurse/3-6 oz. Bottle
  • Bedtime routine
  • 9:30 PM – Nurse/3-6 oz. Bottle
  • Nurse/Bottle on demand overnight


Babies meet milestones at their own rate, and no babies’ schedules are the same. Consult with your pediatrician for questions or concerns. NO information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.


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Routine for 2 month old


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