Core & Pelvic Floor Exercises for Pregnancy

Prenatal core exercises

Wether your pregnant or newly postpartum, these four moves will help strengthen and stabilize your core and pelvic floor muscles..  They are safe for any trimester of your pregnancy and also great postpartum, including for diastasis recti.

Had your baby years back but still have the little belly bulge?  It’s never too late to strengthen and tone your core!


Pelvic Floor Exercises

Move 1: Core Stabilizer

Sitting up straight on a ball, keeping neck and shoulders aligned with hips, stretch your arms out wide and pull band at an angle.  Hold for 1-2 seconds before returning to neutral.  Make sure to keep your shoulders down and your core engaged.  Repeat 5-10x for each angle. 

Move 2: Wall Plank/Push Up

Find a neutral position with a long neck, shoulders down, and slight pelvic tilt.  Either hold for 30 seconds in a “plank” like position, or slowly lower to perform 8-10 push-ups. 

Move 3: Clams

Laying on your side in a neutral position, bend knees/legs in to a 45 degree angle.  Slowly lift the top leg, keeping feet together.  Squeeze the side of your glute to raise the leg and hold at the top for 1-2 seconds.  Repeat 10-20x on each leg.

Move 4: Glute Bridge

Laying on your back with knees bent, squeeze your glute muscles and raise hips in a neutral position towards the sky.  Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds and slowly lower to the group.  Repeat 20-30x.

It takes about 10 minutes to get through the entire sequence – so do your best to schedule it into your daily routine for best results!!

What other core or pelvic floor exercises have you tried and recommend?!

Prenatal pelvic Floor Exercises



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