6 Months Old

Halfway to a year, you did it mama!!   By now, I hope you’re feeling more confident in your motherly instincts.  Let’s keep up the confidence and get to know your 6 month old a bit better 🙂

routine for 6 month old baby

Average Height & Weight:

  • Avg girl: 16.1 lbs, 25.9 inches
  • Avg boy: 17.5 lbs, 26.6 inches



  • Roll over, sit with support
  • Put some weight on legs when held up
  • Play with his/her hands and feet
  • Laugh, squeal, imitate sounds
  • Moves or pushes objects with hands



  • Breast milk or formula given until 1 year (avoid cows milk until 1 year)
  • Begin to introduce solid foods. Start out primarily with whole-grain infant cereal, and pureed fruits, vegetables, or meat. Introduce one food every 3-4 days and look for signs of allergic reaction.
  • May begin to introduce peanut-container foods in small amounts
  • Avoid added sugar, salt, juice, and honey.
  • Nurse/bottle 4-6x a day (24-40 ounces a day)
  • Vit D & iron supplementation recommended
  • *To learn more on starting solids, be sure to check out my e-course, The Ultimate Guide To Starting Solids



  • ~10-14 hours a day
    • 6-10 hours at night (waking 0-2x/night)
    • 2 naps, totaling 3.5-4 hours


Activity Ideas:

  • Place an unbreakable mirror near your baby’s play space and let baby see herself in the mirror – smile and wave back!
  • Play peekaboo with hands, diaper or towel


Must Have Products:

  • Magic Sleep Suit

  • Baby Jumper

*Example Schedule

  • 6:30 AM – Wake, Nurse/Bottle (4-7 oz.)
  • 7:30 AM – Breakfast (e.g. Infant cereal)
  • Playtime
  • 9:30 AM – Nurse/4-7 oz. Bottle & Nap ~2 hours
  • 12 PM – Lunch (Food tub/pouch, soft fruit pieces)
  • Activity
  • 2 PM – Nap ~1.5 hour
  • 3 PM – Nurse/4-7 oz. milk
  • 6 PM – Dinner (Food tub/pouch, mashed cooked veggies)
  • 7 PM – Nurse/4-7 oz. Bottle & Bedtime routine


*Babies meet milestones at their own rate, and no babies’ schedules are the same. Consult with your pediatrician for questions.


routine for 6 month old baby


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