How to Increase your Iron Intake during Pregnancy

iron in pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a critical time to ensure adequate nutrient intake. While all nutrients are important during pregnancy, there are a few critical nutrients that play a key role in baby’s growth & development.  Iron is one of those! Let’s dive into the role of iron and ways to ensure you’re meeting your changing body’s needs. […]

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy

healthy pregnany

Posted in: Pregnancy

Yah!! You’re eating for two now… but wait, I’m not talking about calories – sorry mama!  I’m referring to all those important nutrients that are critical during this special time of growing your baby. Alongside the numerous changes your pregnant body is experiencing, your body’s requirements for specific nutrients also increase and become important to […]

Best Places to Shop For Maternity Clothes

maternity fashion

Posted in: Lifestyle, Mom Life, Pregnancy

Hey there, Mama!  Clothes feeling a bit tight as that little peanut of yours continues to grow?  I’m all too familiar with that feeling, and pushed off maternity clothes as long as I could with my first baby, thinking I didn’t need to spend the time and money revamping my wardrobe.  Boy was I wrong… […]

Must-Pack Gear for Pregnancy Travel

traveling with pregnant

Posted in: Lifestyle, Pregnancy

Traveling during pregnancy?  It may seem like an easy, fun idea, and it certainly can be, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Take it from a girl who traveled the globe for business during her first pregnancy, and snuck in a few vacations with the second pregnancy.  Each time learning something new and finding my […]

5 Best Foods For Fertility

best foods to increase fertility

Posted in: For Mom, Pregnancy

Thinking of getting pregnant in the near future?  If so, it’s time to step up your healthy eating game and increase your chance of conceiving! Many women don’t start getting serious about eating healthfully until after they’ve become pregnant, but there’s increasing evidence showing that diet matters long before conception. In addition to maintaining a […]

10 Things TO AVOID during Pregnancy

Avoid when pregnant

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Heyy you’re pregnant!! And you’re probably already aware there’s a few things you should be skipping for the next 9 or so months. Did you also know there’e also a laundry list of things to avoid during pregnancy? Grab your FREE guide that summarizes all the things to avoid during pregnancy! Not to be a […]

The Do and Don’ts of 1st Trimester Nutrition

1st trimester nutrition

Posted in: For Mom, Pregnancy

First off, CONGRATS!  I’m so excited to kick-off this journey with you and tell you all about First Trimester Nutrition! You’re just starting on this pregnancy journey…and let me guess, you’re excited, overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, and just outright exhausted!! You may even be feeling a little bloated, nauseous, or worse yet, struggling with headaches and […]

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks Under 200 Calories

healthy snacks

Posted in: Pregnancy, Recipes

Looking for convenient & nutritious pregnancy snacks to fit into your busy mom life? I’ve got you covered!  Whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or just busy mom, it’s important to be prepared with healthy snacks on hand! Pick a handful of your favorite go-to options from the list below, add it to your staple grocery list […]




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