My Experience with a Birth Doula

birth doula

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After writing this title, I’m still shocked I can even say “I have a birth doula!”  My third pregnancy and first time with a birth doula seems surreal. With my first two pregnancies I had all the excuses – I didn’t know much about doulas, I was planning an epidural so didn’t think I needed […]

A New Mom’s Diaper Bag Essentials

best diaper bag

Posted in: Favorite Products, Mom Life

Packing a diaper bag is a skill! Between all baby items, there’s also key essentials for mom to remember when packing a diaper bag! I’ve learned the hard way a few times what not being prepared feels like, and I’m on a mission to not let you be the hungry mom with a blow out […]

How To Choose A Prenatal Vitamin

prenatal supplement

Posted in: Favorite Products, Pregnancy

What prenatal vitamin should I take?  I get this question a lot, and for good reason – it’s an important one! If you’re pregnant, or planning to become pregnant in the near future, choosing an appropriate prenatal vitamin is a smart decision.  I’ve seen many woman (myself included), pick up the first prenatal vitamin they […]

Postpartum Essentials for A Quick Recovery

postpartum recovery

Posted in: Breastfeeding, Favorite Products, Lifestyle, Mom Life

Those first few weeks postpartum are often a blur.  Whether it’s your first baby or not, the minute you step out of the hospital, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, excited, and terrified all at the same time! Not only are you learning the ropes of a being new mom, you’re also managing intense changes to […]

Must Have Baby Registry Items

baby registry

Posted in: Favorite Products, Lifestyle

Yahhh you’re having a baby (or someone you know is :))!! Creating that baby registry can be daunting and overwhelming, there’s so many options out there and sooooo many opinions from family and friends (yes, they’re just trying to help….). I mistakenly took the route of basically ignoring everyone and just buying the basics, thinking […]




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