best diaper bag

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Packing a diaper bag is a skill! Between all baby items, there’s also key essentials for mom to remember when packing a diaper bag! I’ve learned the hard way a few times what not being prepared feels like, and I’m on a mission to not let you be the hungry mom with a blow out […]

A New Mom’s Diaper Bag Essentials

routine for 4 month old

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The 4 month mark is one of my favorites. Your little one is reaching new milestones, smiling, and might even be sleeping through the night (if we were only so lucky!). Average Height & Weight: Avg girl: 14.2 lbs, 24.4 inches Avg boy: 15.4 lbs, 25.2 inches   Development/Milestones: Brings hands and objects to mouth […]

4 Months Old

food safety during pregnancy

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I’m Pregnant. Do I really need to give up deli-meat & brie cheese? Short answer, it depends… What can and can’t I eat is one of the top questions I get from soon-to-be mamas.  It’s a valid question, and one I certainly had myself.  But instead of just handing over a list of “Eat This, […]

Top Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

simple lunches to pack toddler at daycare

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It can be all new territory & often overwhelming for a new mom to know when & how to introduce solids to a baby.  On top of all the “newness,” there is so much conflicting evidence on what foods & what feeding methods are best. Here’s the punch line – there is NO ONE RIGHT […]

How to get your baby started on solids


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If your little one is teething, there’s a good chance you’re in desperate need of some tools & tips to help ease baby’s pain & fussiness! It’s important to know what is recommended for teething & equally important what is NOT. We are going through a teething frenzy right now with our son as I […]

The Best & Worst Baby Products For Teething

routine for 3 month old

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At just three months, you might be starting to see a little personality shine through from your little one.  As you head into the 3rd month, this is typically a time you can start to seed a routine, and focus on sleep training! Average Height & Weight: Avg girl: 12.9 lbs, 23.5 inches Avg boy: […]

3 Months Old

tea and pregnancy

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Drinking tea during pregnancy is something most women don’t think twice about (me being one of them…). Some teas such as nettle tea or raspberry leaf tea have been gaining popularity for their “touted benefits” during pregnancy. The use of herbal medicines for health or ailments is an increasing global trend, partly due to their […]

Can I drink Tea During Pregnancy?

prenatal supplement

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What prenatal vitamin should I take?  I get this question a lot, and for good reason – it’s an important one! If you’re pregnant, or planning to become pregnant in the near future, choosing an appropriate prenatal vitamin is a smart decision.  I’ve seen many woman (myself included), pick up the first prenatal vitamin they […]

How To Choose A Prenatal Vitamin

alcohol and breastfeeding

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There is so much conflicting advice and tips around alcohol and breastfeeding.  Even as a dietitian and breastfeeding mom, I was unsure what to REALLY believe.  Then I dove into the research… Interestingly, the recommendation from key health authorities vary slightly, but the overall message is the same. Alcohol will pass into breastmilk and should […]

Alcohol and Breastfeeding – What You NEED To Know

caffeine and breastfeeding

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Ever wonder if caffeine and breastfeeding mix? This is a question many new moms ask, and one I had myself! Let’s dive into some of the most commonly asked questions! How much caffeine can I drink in a day? Caffeine passes from mother’s breastmilk to baby, but usually does not negatively impact the baby if […]

Caffeine and Breastfeeding – What You Need To Know




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