eat healthy during the holidays

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It’s that time of year again!!  Cozy sweaters, peppermint lattes, Christmas lights, and endless amount of cookies!  The holidays are a magical time of year, and I hope you’re planning some relaxing downtime, precious time with your family, or maybe even a little getaway. Whatever your holiday season looks like, it’s often a challenge to […]

9 Ways To Eat Healthy During The Holidays

traveling with pregnant

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Traveling during pregnancy?  It may seem like an easy, fun idea, and it certainly can be, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Take it from a girl who traveled the globe for business during her first pregnancy, and snuck in a few vacations with the second pregnancy.  Each time learning something new and finding my […]

Must-Pack Gear for Pregnancy Travel


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Are you a breastfeeding Mama just trying to figure it all out? There’s so much information/misinformation, opinions, terms, techniques, emotions etc. when it comes to breastfeeding.  Before we dive into the composition of breastmilk, let me first tell you that you are doing amazing!! Just relax and keep on living the mom life. What is […]

Is Your Baby Drinking Too Much Foremilk?

toddler approved pizza

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  Feeling like a pizza night, but know your littlest family member needs something a little more nutritious? Finding toddler approved recipes with any sort of nutrition respect, is not easy…. That’s where this veggie-loaded homemade pizza comes in.  Simple ingredients and ready in no time! Servings: 8 | Total Time: ~20 MINUTES INGREDIENTS 1 […]

Toddler Approved Veggie Pizza

2 month old baby milestones

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First off, you survived the first month of motherhood – cheers!!  While baby is still not ready for a standard routine and 12 hour nights, there’s a few things you can familiar yourself with your two month old!   Average Height & Weight: Avg girl: 11.3 lbs, 22.5 inches Avg boy: 12.3 lbs, 23 inches […]

2 Months Old

pelvic floor exercises

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Wether your pregnant or newly postpartum, these four moves will help strengthen and stabilize your core and pelvic floor muscles..  They are safe for any trimester of your pregnancy and also great postpartum, including for diastasis recti. Had your baby years back but still have the little belly bulge?  It’s never too late to strengthen […]

Core & Pelvic Floor Exercises for Pregnancy

healthy toddler snacks

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Finding convenient, tasty AND healthy toddler snacks is no easy feat. Before kids, I had an idealistic vision in my mind that I would always have healthy snack options around and my toddler would beg for fruits and vegetables!  Ha, o man I can only laugh at myself now for being so naive!! Alright, alright, […]

13 Healthy Snack Ideas for your Toddler

clogged milk duct

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  I struggled with multiple clogged ducts during the year I breastfed my daughter, and more recently now with my son. And they are NOT FUN! Luckily, I become pretty in tune to spotting the start of one and learned a few techniques to control it fast! What is a clogged milk duct? A plugged […]

How To Get Rid Of A Clogged Milk Duct

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  Sentimental thoughts from a mom on her baby’s 1st birthday! Grab a tissue and snuggle your little one as you dive into this read. On May 3rd, 2018 my first born baby girl turned one, how could this be I thought?!  It had been the hardest, and the more rewarding year of my entire […]

A letter to myself on my baby’s 1st birthday

1 month old schedule

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Your 1 Month Old Baby! You’re one month into this motherhood gig, and oh boy wouldn’t a little routine be nice!? Let’s be honest though, there’s no REAL schedule with a 1 month old baby.  However, finding even a little dose of routine early on can help baby feel safe and happy.  And more importantly, […]

1 Month Old




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